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Jonathan Barratt has been involved in the financial markets for the past 26 years, having obtained experience in the Australian, London, Chinese and Hong Kong markets. He has an extensive knowledge in all aspects of the Foreign Exchange, Commodity Futures, and Equities markets. He was a qualified practitioner for the Securities Institute of Australia (SIA) in some of the above topics.  Jonathan specialises in managing and originating investment services at banks and brokerages. He is also involved in high level structured foreign exchange, futures and commodity hedging deals. Respect in the market has been gained to the extent that he is a regular commentator and guest strategist on CNBC Asia Television, Reuters, Bloomberg TV, ABC 1 and 2, News Radio, NDTV India, TV 18 India, and UT TV India. In addition to this he is guest writer for industry publications such as “Gold Gazette”, “Your Traders Edge” and “Oil and Gas Gazette”. Jonathan holds a Bachelor of Economics Degree, plus Honours from the University of New England. He also received an Academic Medal from the University of Technology Sydney in Business and Real Estate. He is currently completing a Masters in Economic Studies (Dissertation on Markets to be completed).

Weather, the Last Frontier

Posted: 1 May, 2016 Subjects: Fundamental&Technical
Source: P2016 SYD Available to: Members

In this presentation Jonathan will introduce the weather as a viable investment alternative. He will walk through an example of how he analyses the data will discuss a few trading strategies he has found to be successful.

Gold and Commodities, Whats Happening - 2015?

Posted: 1 May, 2015 Subjects: Fundamental&Technical
Source: P2015 SYD Available to: Members

Johnathan reviews the state of the Gold and Commodities Market.

Gold and Commodities, Whats Happening?

Posted: 1 May, 2013 Subjects: Fundamental&Technical
Source: P2013 SYD Available to: Members

Gold has had its worst fall in 3 decades. What are the triggers and will it continue to fall or recoup its losses? Have commodities bottomed or is there worse to come?