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IFTA Certification

The International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA) is a globally recognized organization that promotes the highest standards in technical analysis education and practice. Established in 1986, IFTA brings together professional associations and societies from around the world to advance the field of technical analysis and provide a platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration. The ATAA is one of these member societies. 

With a focus on enhancing the skills and expertise of technical analysts, IFTA offers certification programs, educational resources, and networking opportunities to empower individuals in their pursuit of excellence in technical analysis.

The IFTA certification program offers two main qualifications: the CFTe (Certified Financial Technician) and the MFTA (Master of Financial Technical Analysis). These certifications are designed to assess the knowledge, skills, and competence of technical analysts across various financial markets.

The CFTe qualification is the foundation level certification offered by IFTA. It covers the fundamental principles and techniques of technical analysis, including chart patterns, trend analysis, and indicator interpretation. By obtaining the CFTe certification, professionals demonstrate a solid understanding of technical analysis concepts and their application in analyzing market trends and making trading decisions.

The MFTA certification is a more advanced designation that indicates a higher level of expertise in technical analysis. It is designed for individuals who have achieved a significant level of experience and knowledge in the field. The MFTA program delves deeper into complex technical analysis concepts, advanced trading strategies, and research methodologies. It requires candidates to demonstrate their ability to apply technical analysis in a sophisticated and comprehensive manner.

To obtain IFTA certification, candidates must meet specific eligibility requirements and successfully pass the corresponding examination. The exams are comprehensive and cover a wide range of technical analysis topics. They are designed to test candidates' understanding of technical analysis principles, their ability to interpret market data, and their aptitude for making sound trading decisions.

By earning an IFTA certification, professionals enhance their credibility and demonstrate their commitment to continuous learning and professional development in the field of technical analysis. It signifies a level of expertise that can open doors to career advancement opportunities, provide a competitive edge in the industry, and increase client trust and confidence.

Further details on the CFTe qualification and MFTA certification are available on the IFTA FAQ certification page.

Over many years the ATAA has supported the SIA, FINSIA and Kaplan Online to provide world class education in Technical Analysis to ATAA members locally. Other ATAA members have studied independently for the IFTA CFTe. The following members of the ATAA are holders of the Dip TA (ATAA), the IFTA CFTe and/or the IFTA MFTA. 

Member Name Chapter Suburb State DipTA (ATAA) CFTe (IFTA) MFTA (IFTA)
Alt, Phillip Sydney (SYD) Burradoo NSW 1/01/1998 - -
Anassian, Hasmik Adelaide (ADL) Belair SA 1/01/1998 - -
Ash, Paul Melbourne (MEL) Holmesglen VIC 1/01/1997 - -
Bennell, Mark Melbourne (MEL) Wheelers Hill VIC 8/10/2014 9/10/2014 -
Broom, Steven Perth (PER) Woodlands WA 22/10/2013 23/10/2013 -
Brownlow, Mark Sydney (SYD) Fairlight NSW 1/01/2000 20/06/2009 -
Burch, Hugh Melbourne (MEL) East Ivanhoe VIC 1/01/2001 - -
Chan, Min Son Hong Kong - - 12/05/2003 12/05/2003 -
Clement, Alan Melbourne (MEL) Black Rock VIC 2/01/2007 2/02/2007 -
Clubb, Ainslie Sydney (SYD) Bellevue Hill NSW 9/09/2013 - -
Cole, Trudy Perth (PER) Nedlands WA 1/01/1998 - -
Condon, Brendon Melbourne (MEL) Port Fairy VIC 1/01/2001 - -
Dotto, Steven Brisbane (BNE) Windsor QLD 1/01/1997 - -
Doyle, Colin Sydney (SYD) East Maitland NSW 1/01/2004 - -
Fitness, Robin Newcastle (NTL) Toronto NSW 1/01/2001 - -
Frear, Jason Sydney (SYD) Dee Why NSW 1/01/1998 - -
Hafey, Steve Sydney (SYD) Sydney NSW 1/01/1996 - -
Harvey, Stephen Melbourne (MEL) Port Melbourne VIC 1/01/2003 2/05/2004 -
Hawson, Geoffrey Brisbane (BNE) Redcliffe QLD 1/01/1997 3/11/2010 -
Horsfall, Chris Sydney (SYD) Lane Cove NSW 1/01/1998 - -
Husband, Neil Perth (PER) Mullaloo WA 1/01/1998 - -
Joshi, Jitu Brisbane (BNE) Forest Lake QLD 1/01/1996 - -
Jude, Greg Perth (PER) Cottesloe WA 1/01/2000 - -
Keig, Gael Brisbane (BNE) - QLD 1/01/1999 - -
Klose, Trevor Adelaide (ADL) Highbury SA 1/01/2003 - -
Kovaluns, Edwin Sydney (SYD) Sydney NSW 1/01/1997 - -
Leahy, William Remote Chapter (RCO) Wollongbar NSW 1/01/1999 - -
Leeson, Matthew Remote Chapter (RCO) Toowoomba QLD 1/01/2002 - -
Lightbody, Paul Brisbane (BNE) Buddina QLD 1/01/1997 - -
Lipsett, Lachlan Canberra (CBR) Reid ACT 1/01/2002 - -
Lovrencic, Larry Sydney (SYD) Lilyfield NSW 1/01/1996 28/01/1996 -
Mallett, Barbara Sydney (SYD) Deniliquin NSW 1/01/2007 9/01/2006 -
Martini, Lou Sydney (SYD) Cronulla NSW 1/01/1999 - -
Mascarenhas, Albert Sydney (SYD) Glen Alpine NSW 1/01/2008 - -
McLaren, Paul Brisbane (BNE) Parkinson QLD 18/10/2013 19/10/2013 -
Meakin, Chris Canberra (CBR) Fadden ACT 1/01/2008 30/09/2008 -
Murnane, Warren Brisbane (BNE) Burringbar NSW 21/02/2012 22/02/2012 -
O'Flynn, Dennis Newcastle (NTL) Caves Beach NSW 1/01/1998 - -
Parker, Graham Melbourne (MEL) Malvern VIC 1/01/2007 7/01/2007 -
Parker, Wal Melbourne (MEL) Caulfield South VIC 14/05/2001 1/01/2010 -
Quinn, Darren Melbourne (MEL) Taylors Beach VIC 25/11/2014 26/11/2014 -
Riccio, Richard Melbourne (MEL) Carlton North VIC 28/11/2013 29/11/2013 -
Robson, Kenneth Brisbane (BNE) Victoria Point QLD 24/01/2011 23/01/2011 -
Sacchetti, Peter Sydney (SYD) Randwick NSW 28/10/2014 29/10/2014 -
Semec, Stan Melbourne (MEL) Hampton East VIC 1/01/2001 - -
Shiberras, Joe Melbourne (MEL) Melton VIC 1/01/2008 - -
Taylor, Nicholas Adelaide (ADL) Seacliff SA 1/01/2001 - -
Till, Wayne Brisbane (BNE) Maroochydore QLD 10/10/2014 11/10/2014 -
Umansky, Mark Melbourne (MEL) St Kilda East VIC 1/01/2008 29/09/2008 -
Vagg, Robert Sydney (SYD) Lane Cove NSW 1/01/2000 31/01/2000 -
Williams, Ian Melbourne (MEL) Williamstown VIC 1/01/1998 - -
Woltynski, Edmund Adelaide (ADL) North Plympton SA 1/01/2004 21/05/2007 -
Wong, Karen Sydney (SYD) Private NSW 14/03/2013 15/03/2013 -
Zubrinich, John Melbourne (MEL) Balwyn VIC 3/07/2018 3/07/2018 -