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Bill McLaren is a true veteran of the markets, having started in 1965 in New York as a securities analyst for Goodbody & Co before moving to Stern Bros & Co where he started a division advising institutional clients. In 1977, Bill started publishing his research findings and since that time has been quoted on a regular basis in many newspapers and financial publicationsaround the world. In 1986 Bill published ‘Gann Made Easy’ - a complete course  in the advanced techniques of the legendary WD Gann. Bill still presents every  Monday on CNBC Australia, Europe, Asia and USA.

The importance of counter trends in timing your entries

Posted: 24 October, 2009 Subjects: Cycles Gann
Source: C2009 Available to: Members

In this presentation, Bill will define the nature of trends and determine the probability for the “time and price” of counter trend moves against that trend.  These are the two most important factors in any analysis in any market.  Unless you can enter every trend at the exact time of the reversal in trend, your entry into a trend should be at the conclusion of a counter trend. Bill will develop your understanding of the “price and time” of counter trend movements for the purpose of entering trends.

A Basis for Forecasting the Future

Posted: 7 October, 2007 Subjects: Cycles Gann
Source: C2007 Available to: Members

Bill will detail how to forecast probable highs and lows, and the probable length of time for legs of trends and counter trends on both a short and intermediate term basis.