Wong, Karen

Karen Wong holds BCom, GradCertAppFin (FINSIA), Dip TA, CPA, CFTe

Karen began trading in 2003 learning from books and seminars on share trading and strategies. Today she trades FX and equities on the ASX and Shanghai Stock Exchange with a focus on price action. She is a regular contributor to the Tutorials in Applied Technical Analysis newsletter published by Guppytraders.com and has published articles in ‘Your Trading Edge’ and ‘Stocks and Commodities’. She believes trading is a journey not a destination. Karen is currently  (2020) President of the ATAA Sydney Chapter. 

In January 2020, 10 stocks were voted as the small caps most likely to do well this year. Technical analysis gives us the advantage to sort the potential winners from the potential losers. Using the Guppy Multiple Moving Averages we identify the stocks looking good at the beginning of the year and now as we approach the end of the year, we highlight the stocks still continuing to trend.

Profit maximisation is the key to every trader’s happiness. Through actual trade examples we will look at ways of planning for profit by letting profit run for longer, protecting our profit as it grows and locking in a profit using the concepts of timeframe, targets and trailing stops.

These short-term signals are commonly used in identifying trend reversals, trend weakness and trend continuation. Discover where to find these patterns on a chart using the optimal timeframe. Whether you trade stocks, FX or any other market use them to complement your trading.

World markets have seen many stocks rebound from the lows of earlier this year to rally up strongly. Whether fully invested in the market or trading with caution we want to know about the stocks on the move upwards. Applying a Double Bollinger Band strategy to the charts we discover some stocks sitting in the buy zone. Applicable to any market we will also look at how it can equally work on an FX chart. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began to rise we have seen a huge increase in the number of companies requiring an injection of funds through capital raisings. Inevitably the price of a stock is affected in many ways. We will look at how a trade can be affected by the capital raising process and one extra piece of information to use in our trading decisions.