Sycamore, Tony

Kris leads machine learning research at proprietary trading firm Sortino Partners. Trained as an engineer and scientist, he has been applying machine learning to the financial markets since before it was cool to do so. Prior to becoming a partner at his current firm, Kris worked as a hedge fund quant and consulted to both buy- and sell-side on quantitative analytics and the strategic adoption of machine learning technology. Kris is passionate about a fair go for independent, non-professional traders and investors. To level the playing field, he founded, an online community empowering independent traders with the practical knowledge and tools one finds in professional trading firms.

  • Introduction to Intermarket Relationships
  • The key market relationships
  • The Intermarket environment today
  • Risk Aversion/Risk Taking or ?RORO?
  • How interest rate movements influence currencies
  • How currency moves can influence stock markets.

Intermarket analysis has been used by bank and hedge fund traders for many years. However outside of those circles it remains largely unknown. This is a unique opportunity for private traders to learn about how seemingly unrelated markets are in fact linked and how bank and hedge fund traders apply intermarket analysis.

An understanding of intermarket relationship?s will help provide better insights into market movements and in turn support better trading outcomes.