About this meeting: 

The Forex market is the largest traded market on the planet and the FX traders SIG is designed to support both beginners and experienced FX traders in development of their trading of this instrument.

We are planning to have monthly online meetings which will be recorded and will be available to ATAA members to review in their own time. The SIG will have a forum page on the ATAA website and publish ideas on the ATAA Facebook page.

As FX markets are open during the SIG session times we will include a LIVE market update where we will be exploring in Real time potential sentiment changes and trade set ups.

The aim of this SIG is to provide an educational forum that addresses the technical approaches, system development and trading psychology of trading FX markets.

In this invaluable session we focus on ‘exits’, too often neglected in comparison to the airplay given to entry indicators, and look to give clarity not only on the benefits of an effective trail stop strategy but practical approaches to making this happen in your trading.

Please send your suggestions, experiences and any questions to Mike Smith for discussion at the SIG meetings – 

The agenda for the next meeting will follow the following guidelines:

  • Introduction and welcome
  • LIVE Market update
  • Why trailing stops?
  • Trailing stop alternatives for the FX trader.
  • Future meeting topics