Smith, Mike

Originally from the UK and living in Perth for the last 20 years, Mike has in excess of 2 decades of experience trading financial markets across all instruments, and involvement in the training and coaching of traders since 2007. He has presented extensively both online and in a live setting including the ATAA Perth chapter previously.

With a passion for finding new and innovative ways to help clients learn trading, his education background and qualifications assist him in the aim of trying to make the sometimes complex more simple and as an accomplished teacher and writer, he provides a depth of knowledge and experience that will benefit traders at all levels.

As well as trading system development and trading measurement, Mike also has a special interest in the psychology and behavioural aspects of trading.

Mike is the Senior Educator from GO Markets.

Measuring trading performance is critical not only from a personal behavioural perspective but also to ensure that your system develops to fit you as an individual trader. This session addresses this topic theoretically and practically with the aim of giving you the knowledge, skills and downloadable tools to help you succeed in delivering this ESSENTIAL part of your on-going trading development, and is applicable for all traders, investing in all financial instruments.

Arguably, measuring trading performance is one of the important differentiating factors between trading as a hobby and trading as a business.

In this session we will cover:

- Why measuring trading is critical to your on-going development and the serious implications of not doing this

- The key trading business numbers which are your benchmark for measuring success or otherwise

- How to measure and record effectively your trade system performance so you can determine which parts of that system are working for you (and which are not).

- How to undertake a formal review of collected information so you can "close the circle" and integrate evidence back into your trading system and behaviours.

This learning is not to be missed.

Your trading plan is THE critical system that you must work on and has the aim of guiding trader action in the heat of market decision making. Errors in trading plan content and construction can impact on consistency and the ability to ascertain what plan components are working for you or otherwise.Join Mike Smith of GO Markets for this innovative session that aims to give you:

  • A review of the key purpose and function of trading plans and why they are crucial to traders of all instruments.
  • Absolute clarity about what these 5 errors are and the potential impact on results if not addressed.
  • Practical trading plan statement examples of how to take your trading plan to the next level.