Parker, Marsten

Marsten Parker is featured in Jack Schwager's latest book, Unknown Market Wizards, and was the guest on episode 183 of the Better System Trader
podcast. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Marsten studied classical violin in college, but spent more time coding than practicing, and subsequently worked in software development. After the mid-'90s IPO of a company he had co-founded, Marsten became interested in stock trading and quickly gravitated to the systematic approach.

The first version of RealTest, his backtesting software, was written in the late '90s. After 20 years of use only by Marsten and a few others, RealTest was recently redesigned and was released to the general public at the start of 2021.

RealTime trading software

Brief history of my software career.
Brief history of my trading career.
Evolution of my backtesting software.
RealTest vs Amibroker.
RealTest demonstration.