Included in your MetaStock program is a trading system called the LCI System, which was originally created by Logan Connors.

LCI is a trading system that is included in your MetaStock program that has a number of extremely powerful tools. To help explain how to use this system to your advantage, on Saturday, September 25th at 10 AM AEST, Kevin Nelson will be presenting the second instructional webinar in this three-part series.

In the first webinar that was held August 28th, Kevin explained how the LCI system uses a number of different types of analyses to help you identify support, resistance, major tops, bottoms and much more.

In our next webinar that is going to be held on Saturday, September 25th at 10 am AEST, Kevin will instruct you how to use the system tester in MetaStock to backtest the LCI system on any security of your choice.

In the third and final training event that will be held on 16th October at 10 am AEST, Kevin will show you how to use the Explorer to scan the markets to find the type of trading setups that are of interest to you.