McCree, Julian

 Julian, a graduate in Business Finance, has been a proprietary trader for over 18 years. He has traded the G7 macro markets including fixed income, foreign exchange, stock indices and commodities. During his career he has spent time working for HSBC, Citigroup and two hedge funds. Julian is currently working at Genesis Energy in Auckland as a Senior Trader on the Electricity Forward trading desk. He continues to invest and trade his own capital.

Julian will focus on trading the Sentiment Cycle and how it can be applied across many timeframes, with an emphasis on the right timeframe for the chosen market. He will illustrate how the market sentiment extremes can be identified and translate that into a trading plan to secure superior returns. He will also cover the traits of a successful trader/investor and the dangers of the ?Correlation of One? when applied to both portfolios and individual trades. This will be a free form workshop where audience participation is welcomed. Let?s help each other to be more successful.