Krastins, Ivan

Ivan Krastins, a founding member of the ATAA and the original editor of its newsletter, has been involved with the markets since 1981. His highly acclaimed book - Listen to the Market - was published by McGraw-Hill in 1991 and has been used as a prescribed text by universities in Australia and Hong Kong.

He has conducted in-house workshops on technical analysis for organisations such as the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Nations Bank Singapore and Nomura Securities (Hong Kong) as well as under the umbrella of SIA (now FINSA), Sydney Futures Exchange and the Institute of Banking and Finance in Singapore, and has made appearances on Asia Business News and ABC radio.

After being featured on the cover of 'Your Trading Edge' in 1996, he made a lifestyle change by relocating to Vanuatu and since then has presented live workshops via the net with Gary Burton. He currently works with a few like-minded people sharing his L.I.V.E.T.M. approach to trading and consults on trading system design. Ivan’s website is: 

The DNA of Markets? A very interesting question. gives an alternative definition of DNA as – ‘the set of nongenetic traits, qualities, or features that characterize a person or thing: Humility is just not in her DNA’.

In this presentation, Ivan will use the following points to show us how we can deal with the DNA of the markets:

o DNA - What is it and how it can help with your decision-making?;
o The Language of the Market - insights into how traders feel;
o A novel way of viewing your trading results - pros and cons;
o Proof of Concept approach to designing your RBT (Rule-Based Trading) concept;
o Various Campaign Management ideas;
o Trading the Equity Curve.


The homework document provides cheatsheet's and reenforcement exercises to assist the in learing the patterns that Ivan teaches.