Glover, Gary

Gary Glover has had over 18 years’ experience in the financial markets. He is a private trader himself and operates as an independent Investment Advisor for private clients at Novus Capital. Most of his experience is as a stockbroker specializing in Equities and Derivatives with some of Australia’s largest retail stockbrokers. He had over two years direct trading experience, operating as a full time professional trader for himself after spending 12 months as an Institutional Proprietary trader. Gary presents ‘Stockwatch’ for the Finance News Network each Wednesday Morning and is a regular on Sky Business programs “Your Money Your Call” and “Market Moves”.  He holds a Bachelor of Business, is RG146 Compliant in Securities, Derivatives and Margin Lending and is an Accredited Derivatives Adviser.

Gary Glover will review his top 15 trading patterns.

Gary will show the importance of understanding Stock Market Cycles, how often they occur and the effect on the market.

Gary Glover will take us through his trading process, what technical analysis theories he uses to assist him in making his trading decisions