Gleeson, Mark

Mark Gleeson is a Psychologist working in Executive and Career Coaching and is a Counsellor at ANU.  Mark has a special interest in enhancing personal performance and has worked with Olympians, Elite sport teams, musicians and actors.

Mark has attended several trading education programs and began trading formally in 2015 after several years of reading books on trading. After making every mistake possible when initially trading, Mark joined ATAA and is the current President of the Canberra Chapter.

Enhancing Personal Performance in Trading

  1. Optimal states of mind for trading
  2. Some Neuroscience factors in Trading
  3. Personality types and trading types
  4. Outcome based strategies to enhance trading
  5. Psychological skill development for trading
  6. Individualising structures in trading for optimal personal functioning

The presentation includes evaluative questions for participants to answer during the presentation to assist with development of your own performance trading plan for 2022. Please bring a pen to the presentation.