Davis, Jason

Jason Davis is regarded as an authority on quantitative trading and investing strategies for Australian equities and regularly speaks on the topic at events across Australia. Jason co-founded HomeTrader, one of Australia’s most prominent financial education companies. He remains involved in HomeTrader as Head of Research as well as advising and dealing equities and derivatives for high net worth clients as a stockbroker with StoneBridge Securities. Jason is currently completing a Masters of Applied Finance from Sydney’s Macquarie University. He holds a Diploma of Financial Services (financial markets) and is licensed to provide advice on securities, derivatives, futures and foreign exchange. He is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Securities and Derivatives Industry Association.

The key to making consistent profits under any market conditions is to have a process which is structured, yet flexible. By definition that requires multiple techniques which have their own unique advantages in either bull or bear markets. However the main issue with completely mechanical trading systems is that one doesn?t know the landscape has changed for several months after it has occurred, and hence losses are registered. But what if one could remove a significant amount of the potential downside risk by drastically narrowing the field of potential trades? Garry Davis will be presenting the 3 step process he has developed after nearly 3 decades in the market and will outline the results achieved with this methodology. He will present a combined fundamental and technical approach to profiting consistently.

    Following on from Part 1, Jason will show how trading strategies can be constructed using a couple of previously identified market anomalies.The systems will be taught in entirety (no hidden crucial pieces), and validated to demonstrate both the process of system validation, and the power of a great software package.

    To beat markets you need insight; that is something that not everyone knows or acts on. In this session Jason will guide you through a process of understanding what it takes to beat the market (and your fund manager), starting with an explanation as to why it isn?t ludicrous for you to think you can take on and beat highly paid professionals.  He will then list the dozen or so market inefficiencies he has learned after more than a decade of research.

    An introduction to Quantitative Trading in Financial Markets. Where is the traders edge? How do financial markets behave?