Clarke, Davin

Davin Clarke is a full time professional trader and one of the most active private traders in the Australian market.  He has consistently produced exceptional results from day trading.  Davin is hands on and practical, utilizing his skills everyday in the market to trade his private account as his primary source of income.

Davin will be sharing tactics he has developed and successfully used and implemented over more than 13 years of trading various markets and instruments.

In this session, Davin will outline how to apply a unique perspective to gain an advantage over general market participants.  He will show you practical trading strategies to put you in the best position to maximize your profits.

The experience of being on both sides of the fence has given me a unique insight into what differentiates successful traders from the crowd.

A winning edge does not have to be substantial to generate a profitable trading business. This is not just true in trading. Take professional tennis.

From 1991-2016 the average amount of points won in a season for the No. 1 player in the world is just 55%.Tennis like trading is not a game of precision, it is a game of percentages.

In this presentation we will look at strategies that help us in achieving long term trading success.