Brannan, James

James Brannan is the CEO & Founder of BlockByte Capital and former Director of Strategy & Operations at fin-tech STAX. An ex-Deloitte strategy consultant, James holds a 1st Class Honours in Business Management with a Major in Finance from the University of West England, Bristol.

In this presentation James Brannan will cover the fundamentals of crypto and blockchain, the broader macroeconomic environment, as well as some of the underlying risks of investing in this nascent asset class.

Topics of the presentation include:

  • What is a crypto asset and the blockchain?
  • Why is crypto important in today’s macroeconomic landscape
  • Crypto trends and adoption
  • What are the different types of crypto
  • Performance benchmarks and risk / return metrics across asset classes
  • Understanding bitcoin
  • Technical and fundamental analysis using on-chain metrics and ‘tokenomics’
  • Risks of investing in crypto
  • Digital asset mining, exchange and custody options

Video to follow