Bauer, Gregor

Dr. Gregor Bauer has been working intensively on the capital markets for around 20 years and works as an independent portfolio manager for private clients in Wiesbaden.

He has written two books on “Technical Analysis and Trading”, regularly publishes articles in various well-known financial publications, holds seminars and workshops on “Technical Analysis” and is a frequent speaker and interview guest at investor shows and on TV. He is particularly interested in candle chart technology and behavioral finance.

In his presentation Dr. Gregor Bauer will in short explain the Basics of Options-Trading. He will especially focus on how the implied volatility influences option-pricing. He will give examples of how to avoid common pitfalls when trading bottom and top reversals by applying Long Call- and Long Put- Strategies.

This presentation focuses on improving the fundamental based ?Low-Risk-Approach? by using technical Trend-Following-Strategies. Stock with e.g. a low Beta are known to outperform in the long run the more volatile, high Beta Stocks, so, Low-Risk-Strategies are known to have higher risk adjusted returns. But applying a relevant timing strategy (i.e., a moving average or high momentum) will even more enhance the risk-adjusted return.
This presentation focuses on ETF-Sector-Rotation-Systems and will give examples of Dynamic-Asset-Allocation-Strategies by applying Trend Following Strategies in the process of portfolio optimization. A portfolio, constructed from trend filtered Sector ETFs, by also taking into account the overall trend of the benchmark, shows significant better risk measures, such as lesser drawdowns, higher return and lower volatility compared to the Benchmark.