Alvarez, Cesar

Cesar attended the University of California, Berkeley, where he received his Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and a Masters of Science in Computer Science. Cesar was a developer of Microsoft Excel versions 3, 4 and 5. Cesar spent nine years as a professional market researcher for Connors Research and Cesar has been at the forefront of stock market research, having developed over 100 successful trading strategies. They are used by investors and fund managers in the United States and internationally. Cesar was the researcher and co-author of five trading books. Cesar created the ConnorsRSI indicator. Currently, Cesar runs the quant blog, ‘Alvarez Quant Trading’ along with AmiBroker consulting, AmiBroker education and trading signals service.

Cesar will walk through the quantitative process he uses when he finds interesting research on the internet that he wants to develop for his own trading. He will go through the process of first verifying that the original idea has merit and promise of meeting his goals. Then, he will show how to add and build on the concept. He will point out potential pitfalls of the strategy and how to deal with them. Focus will be spent on 2008 to see how the strategy dealt with the Bear market. Along the way he will be asking for audience ideas that he will test on the spot and share those results.

Cesar will walk through the quantitative process he uses while creating a strategy from beginning to end. He will explore various methods of determining when a stock is sold off, still in an up-trend, and statistics to determine if a strategy is worthwhile. He will also explore ways to deal with Bear markets and how to take advantage of them. Along the way he will point out common testing pitfalls. He will also be asking for audience ideas that he can test and share at his next presentation.