Akdagcik, Rick

Rick Akdagcik is an experienced and successful derivatives trader with over 8 years experience trading the markets. Prior to that he was a practicing solicitor for 4 years with a mid-tier law firm in Sydney CBD. He began his trading life as an options trader then soon after added the futures market to his repertoire. After studying countless literature on different trading methodologies such as Elliot Wave theory, Gann and Wyckoff to name just a few, Rick developed and refined his own discretionary method of analysing the markets and in particular interpreting market behaviour using historical charting patterns and price/time movements. His trading success led him to become a presenter and author on the subject of trading in the financial markets wherein he contracted his expert services to Australias leading stock market education company from 2006 - 2008 whilst trading full time. His formal qualifications include Bachelor of Commerce (Finance)/Law, Advanced Diploma of Financial Services, PS146 Specialist knowledge: Advising on Securities and Derivatives and Foreign Exchange. Rick founded Wealthmarc Advisory Group in 2009 and is the Director and Principal Advisor. WealthMarc currently manages in excess of $15m in funds under management.

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