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How I Trade

Posted: 8 July, 2019 Tags: Trading_Plan
Source: P2019 MEL Available to: Members

Like many ATAA members, Des strives to invest in the stock market in a methodical and systematic manner, minimising discretionary involvement. Over the years he has refined his trading style, through analysis and "trial and (many) errors” to arrive at a system which provides clear stock selection criteria, coupled with entry and exit signals, in a mechanical manner. In this presentation he will describe his strategy, how it has evolved over time, and he will explain how his signals are calculated. In particular he will introduce the TROC indicator, a variant of the Rate of Change (ROC) indicator and show how this is a better measure to use for those who trade. He will also expose the trading results of this system to the members for your critical analysis.  

This talk is practical and real world and shows how one ATAA member approaches trading in the stock market on a daily basis. For those of a like mind, there may be aspects of Des' approach which may appeal to other members.