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Hands-on chart reading interpretation

Posted: 8 July, 2019 Tags: Chart_Patterns&Analysis Trend_Following
Source: P2019 MEL Available to: Members

How can we effectively use share price charts to analyse whether a stock should be bought or not? How can we interpret the price action? and the volume? and the various chart indicators that are available?

About 80% of ATAA members are trend traders* on ASX stocks.  In this session we will demonstrate the use of real price charts (using a laptop with no internet connection), and ask the audience to offer their thoughts, experiences and suggestions for:

  1. We want uptrending* stocks — so how do we find them?
  2. Which stocks to look at?
  3. Should we focus on specific sectors?
  4. Does it matter whether we look at large cap, medium cap or small cap stocks?
  5. Should we firstly look for a confirmed uptrend, and chart patterns?
  6. What is the best chart indicator to use? (with suggestions from the audience for their favourite indicator).
  7. What “set up” or “trigger” conditions might we look at for an entry?

In this session we will be sharing collective ideas and experiences so that experienced ATAA members can help to share their knowledge with the less experienced members and visitors and try to address the above questions.

* — We will focus on a short- to medium-term trend trading strategy idea, rather than a breakout strategy, or pattern strategy, etc.  This time frame is perfect for the busy investors/traders who only have a couple of hours each week to do their analysis and stock selection.