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Mathew Verdouw, CMT, CFTe

  • IFTA Speaker

Mathew Verdouw, CMT, CFTe, has taken a different path to Technical Analysis than most. A year out from university in 1996, he started the software development company that would be named Market Analyst Software in Brisbane, Australia. Over 20 years Mathew has dedicated himself to learning all the different facets of financial analysis and he has travelled the world meeting with some of the thought leaders in the field. From educators and private traders to the analysts of trillion dollar funds on Wall St, they each have influenced Mathew as he continued to build products to help them. Today, Market Analyst Software has morphed into Optuma Financial Solutions, and while they still provide advanced software, their services have also expanded to offer education to both beginner and advanced students.Over recent years, Mathew has seen first-hand how many Technical Analysts are required to become more quantitative in their approach, with an understanding of Risk and Reward and statistics. Even seasoned Technical Analysts find it difficult to secure funds for a new technical idea without being able to define historical performance. As an Engineer, Mathew has been focused on finding solutions that will allow Technical Analysts to easily become more quantitative in their process.