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Melbourne - Thursday, 14 January 2016 5:15 pm for 6:00 pm

Melbourne Chapter
Thu, 14 Jan 2016 05:15 AM - 06:00 AM

Melbourne Chapter Members please note the last-minute change for our meeting this Thursday: We will also run a Brainstorming session on improving ATAA Membership.

4:30 to 5:50 pm: Networking - Coopers Inn
282 Exhibition Street (corner of Little Lonsdale St, maybe in the upstairs function room). Drinks will be subsidised so make sure to collect a drinks ticket from a committee member at the door (note new start time).

5:45 pm onwards at the Telstra Conference Centre
Level 1, 242 Exhibition St,. Melbourne, (Cnr Exhibition and Lonsdale Streets).
Enter from the corner of Lonsdale Street, and head up the escalator, or via the internal plaza from the rear of Coopers Inn. Parliament railway station is not far away.
Possible car parking options: Secure Parking 59 Lonsdale Street; Wilson Parking 150 Lonsdale Street; Wesley Uniting Church (JM Car Parks) 140 Lonsdale Street.

Visitors are welcome. First visit free, subsequent visits $40. No Bookings Required.

5:30: Telstra Conference Centre
Sale of Dinner- with-drink Tickets $25. Please pay by cash.

6:00 pm Member Speaker: Paul Ash – Vic ATAA President, ATAA National Director and Trader
Topic: Looking Back to Project Forward
Paul has been a member of the ATAA for about 20 years and has been Victoria’s ATAA President for more than 12 years. For his services he is now a Life Member. After studying Gann he became a Futures Broker before becoming a private trader. Paul will show how looking at significant ranges in the history of a stock can be a broad brush indication of possible targets going forward. Paul will presenting valuable analysis and research done by Keith Mundy.

6.25 pm: Brainstorming session on ATAA Membership. Graham Parker and Robert Brain will run a brainstorming session where you the members can say how the ATAA can improve and make it more relevant to to our modern world. This is your chance to express your ideas about what you would like the ATAA to be to you.

6.45 pm: Break (and last minute dinner orders)

6.50pm: Guest Speaker – Robert Brain — Private Trader and Educator
Topic: Risk Management — Initial Stop Loss, and Optimum position sizing Workshop
When investing or trading in the equities market it is very important to think about how to manage the risks, and how to optimise your position size. This is important to both protect your capital from any downside risk, and to maximise your profits - every extra dollar is very useful. And it doesn’t matter whether your investment capital is only $5,000, or $5 million. There are many ways to manage all this, but which is best?

What are the arguments for and against using exactly the same size position every time? Is a position size of only $500, or perhaps $1,000 a good size for the new investor/trader? Should we enter a position using a phased approach? That is, half now and half later? Or in thirds, perhaps?

What do we mean by “amount at risk”? How is this related to the initial stop loss value and the actual position size? How can we set this so that we can still sleep at night, and it won’t matter if the share price falls by, say, 20 percent?

This session will be an interactive workshop, with questions, input and discussion from start to finish. We will look at several real life examples of position set-ups, and consider the options for placing the initial stop loss, and for the position size. Some people will have already found the ideal approach, and it will be good to share experiences and hear other people’s views.

For this session we will use a slightly tweaked version of the previous Trading Worksheet. You can download it by clicking here .

Robert Brain has many years of professional experience in both Engineering and IT and has several years’ experience in the share market. A few years ago Robert decided to combine his then casual interest in the share market with his extensive experience as an educator to develop his web-based Share Market Toolbox business to help investors and traders to refine their own strategies, and learn about the strategies of others. Robert is a private trader and educator, an ATAA Councillor in the Melbourne Chapter, and a Director on the National ATAA Board. Robert also runs 1-day Technical Analysis seminars.

8.15pm: Dinner and more networking - Coopers Inn, 282 Exhibition Street.
Please note minor changes with the new networking/dinner venue:- $25 for a main course and one drink (tap beer, house wine or soft drink). Please order dinner before the meeting in the normal way (after 5:30pm at our own Dinner Desk in the Telstra Conference Centre).

Further information: Robert Brain - Victorian ATAA Council Vice-President
Phone: 0438 355 910
Next meeting: 11th February 2016
Speaker: Alan Hull
Future meetings: Generally on the second Thursday of the month.

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