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ATAA National Conference - 2022

Speakers and Presentations

Thirteen Speakers all leading thinkers and practitioners in their area of Technical Analysis.  They will present thirteen presentation sessions over the three days of the conference.  The conference committee has worked to obtain a range of the very best educational input for our members.


 Jamie Coutts 

Coutts Jamie 2022

Jamie Coutts is the crypto market analyst for Bloomberg Intelligence and is responsible for creating market structure, sector and thematic analysis content for clients. Jamie applies a multi-disciplinary approach in his research, synthesising traditional macro, technical and quantitative techniques with the emerging field of crypto fundamentals. With over 20 years of experience in the financial markets, Jamie started his career in Australia as a stockbroker for Credit Suisse before roles as a hedge fund trader with Tudor Capital Management and equity sales positions in both London and Singapore. He joined Bloomberg in 2014 as the senior equity market specialist driving sales and product initiatives for buy-side clients across APAC. Around 2016 Jamie became immersed in the crypto/digital assets space, helping shape the product offering and sales strategy for Bloomberg before transitioning into a research analyst role. Jamie holds two technical analysis designations and serves on the global board of the Chartered Markets Technician (CMT) Association where he is also head of APAC Development.


Presentation: Applying a Multidisciplinary Approach to Crypto and Digital Assets

Jamie will illustrate how the emergence of a new asset class provides unexplored possibilities for investors, why on-chain data is materialising as an important component in crypto-asset analysis. He will also investigate how on-chain data can be synthesised with traditional analytical frameworks such as macro and technical analysis to improve returns, and how we can apply technical analysis techniques from traditional asset classes to crypto and digital assets.




Goeyardi Gema 2022

Gema Goeyardi is the Astronacci - Eye of Future technology founder that successfully turned USD2,000 into USD5,500,000 in 8 years of trading in the Gold and Forex market using technical analysis combined with Astrology and Fibonacci He earned the MFTA credential based on his finding on the relation between Mercury Retrograde and Gold market as a significant bullish trend factor..


Presentation: Make bigger profits in crisis time with Astronacci eye of future

 In this session, Gema will outline how to find accurate top and bottom dates using astro cycles, how to achieve high win rate trading in volatile markets, and the use of the inter-market relation of macro and price action.



David Linton

Harvey Stephen

David Linton is one of the UK’s leading technical analysts and is founder and CEO of Updata. He is the author of ‘Cloud Charts – Trading success with the Ichimoku technique and teaches part of the diploma course for the UK Society of Technical Analysts (STA). He is a member of the American Association of Professional Technical Analysts and a holder of the Master of Financial Technical Analysis designation awarded by IFTA.


Presentation: What the charts tell us about the opportunities and risks that lie ahead

David will provide a technical analysis roadmap for the months and years ahead explaining the tools and techniques that underpin his hypothesis. He will show the power of mixing different chart types to reach better conclusions for markets and your own investments.



Cameron Malik

Longmore Kris

Cameron Malik has a 15-year background in building and running multi-million-pound businesses. He has had great success in the business world but found he was never fully satisfied. He searched long and hard to find the ideal business for him that didn’t have the incumbents of traditional business (Offices, Stock, Warehouses, etc.) and would allow him the freedom he was looking for. After years of searching, Cameron finally found what he was looking for in Trading. These days he is now a true “LifeStyle” Trader specialising in short term trading of the German Dax and Australian ASX Indices. 90% of Cameron’s trades are completed within the first hour of trading.


Presentation: TBD



Akihiro Niimi

Mitchell Cameron

 Mr. Akihiro Niimi has more than 20 years experiences working in investment banks and hedge funds. He currently manages cryptoasset index project with Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. and asset management companies investing digital assets in metaverse.


Presentation: Exploring Investment Opportunities in Metaverse

There are huge investment opportunities to the digital assets in metaverse. We can enjoy the capital gains acerated by the growth of metaverse and receive the higher income gains by digital land development business. However, it is not easy to evaluate the land prices and the market has been experiencing two bubble bursts since 2020. Technical analysis is one of the realistic tools to take the timing rather than evaluating fundamental value of the digital assets. I strongly believe we, technical analysts, success in this digital market.



Adrian Reid

Oliver Alan

Adrian Reid is a full-time trader based in Australia and also the Founder and Trading Coach at Enlightened Stock Trading, which focuses on educating and supporting traders on their journey to profitable systems trading. He has been trading for 20+ years and trades 100% systematically across the Australian, US, Hong Kong and Cryptocurrency markets using a diversified portfolio of long and short systems.


Presentation: How to Evolve as a trader to maximise opportunity (& manage risk) in an uncertain world

Details to follow…



Mike Smith

Penfold Brent

With almost 2 decades of experience trading financial markets across all instruments, and involvement in the training and coaching of traders since 2007, I have a passion for finding new and innovative ways to help clients learn trading and a Post Grad Diploma in Education, and  having worked as a University Senior Lecturer in both the UK and Perth, Australia. As well as trading system development and trading measurement, I have a special interest in the psychology and behavioural aspects of trading.


Presentation: TBD



Dr Tom Starke

Saunders Kevin

Dr Tom Starke has a PhD in physics and is the head of AAAQuants a consulting firm that specialises in automated trading solutions and AI. He has previously worked as a quant analyst/trader for various hedge funds and prop-trading firms and as a scientist/engineer for Rolls-Royce and Oxford University.


Presentation: Why risk management is more important than profit - Rethinking trading objectives in uncertain market conditions

With a strong focus on profits, risk management is only an afterthought for many traders. However, if done well it can not only protect you from large losses and help you sleep but also make you more profitable. In this talk we take a deep dive into various aspects of risk management and how to think about it and boost your profitability in uncertain markets.


Chris Tate

Swanscott Andrew

Chris Tate is one of the first people to ever release a share trading book in Australia and has had an extraordinary impact on thousands of traders. Best selling author of ‘The Art of Trading’ and ‘The Art of Options Trading in Australia’, his brutally honest approach and meticulous pursuit of excellence, ensure that exceptional traders all around the world quote his market comments. Chris has seen all types of markets, traded practically every instrument available, and shown others how to profit from every market condition. Chris is in constant demand for his keynote speaking skills due to the outrageous success of his presentations for every major share trading exchange in Australia. Keynote speaker for industry bodies such as AIA, ATAA, ASA and multiple Trader Expos.


Presentation: The Lure of Complexity

In trading the future is opaque - we do not know what tomorrow brings for our instruments. Unfortunately, traders fail to appreciate this and layer their trading systems with greater and greater complexity in an attempt to remove this uncertainty. My view is that the majority of technical analysis is of little help to traders and is actually a hindrance because it promotes complexity rather than simplicity in its decision-making process.



Giovanni Trombetta

Vanstone Bruce

 Giovanni Trombetta is an electronic engineer, trading systems developer, quantitative designer, trainer and author. He specializes in the application of artificial intelligence to the world of quantitative finance. President of the Scientific Committee of S.I.A.T. (the Italian branch of the IFTA) and one of the organizers and teacher of the Data Science Module of the SIAT Master. On the IFTA board of directors since 2019. He is one of the founders and currently CIO of Rocket Capital Investment, a fintech company and financial institution, licensed by the MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore). It is possible to read his articles in Milano Finanza, in Traders magazine and in the international magazine Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities. In April 2020 he published the book “Trading Strategies with Python” with Hoepli.


Presentation: Towards a new Asset Allocation paradigm based on Wisdom of Crowds and powered by AI models and Blockchain technology

Starting from the state of the art of backtesting techniques of trading and investment strategies, the strengths and weaknesses of these models are analysed, focusing on their ability to make each approach persistent and robust. We then move on to a new operating scheme, in which the backtest is no longer the key to reading, but the ability to obtain good models from a swarm of weak predictors. The one proposed is a paradigm that entrusts the task of forecasting the markets to thousands of anonymous data scientists, to a single AI-based Meta-Model that of extracting value from the indications received. All powered by a crypto token that periodically remunerates the best predictors. Finally, the operating results of a weekly asset allocation on the crypto world are presented.



Rolf Wetzer

Sycamore Tony

 Rolf Wetzer is a past president of IFTA. He redesigned the CFTe syllabus, is the editor of the IFTA journal and is heading the MFTA program since 2011. Rolf is an institutional asset manager with an almost thirty-year track record. He is CEO and co-founder of Ghiribizzo, a company specialized in algorithmic trading of proprietary money. He designed favorable quantitative investment strategies and position sizing algorithms. Awarded as best German Technical Analyst in 2006 and runner up in 2007, he is also a frequent speaker on financial and management topics globally. Rolf holds a PhD in Econometrics and graduate degrees in Business Administration and Management from both Technical University of Berlin (Germany) and Toulouse Business School (France). He is a member of the Swiss Association of Market Technicians (SAMT) and the prestigious German Statistical Society (DStatG).


Presentation: Trade Management within a Trading Process

Details to follow…




Karen Wong CFTe, CPA

Vanstone Bruce

Karen Wong is a private trader in equity and forex markets. She is the author of "Stocks and Forex Trading - How to Win", a regular contributor to the "Tutorials in Applied Technical Analysis" newsletter published by and has published articles in "Your Trading Edge" and "Stocks and Commodities". Karen is a former President of the Sydney chapter of the Australian Technical Analysts Association.


Presentation: Trading without the bull – strategies for trading in a shifting market.

 In the gradual shift from a bull market to a bear market, we watched good profits shrink and open losses grow. There were many warning signs of the changing market direction. Karen reveals these signals and the strategies used in response as trading from the long side became increasingly difficult. Sharing some of her past trades, she shows how her trading has changed this year and the discovery of an alternative minefield of long and short trade opportunities found on a daily basis.



Yussra Yusoff

Vanstone Bruce

 Yussra Yusoff is currently a consultant general surgeon who works in Armed Forces Hospital Tuanku Mizan, Kuala Lumpur. He completed his medical degree from National University of  Malaysia  in 2005 and subsequently completed his doctor of surgery in 2013. In the investment world, Dr Yussra is a retail trader that focus mainly on the US markets. His main instruments are equities and options.  Dr Yussra Yusoff recently achieved as certified technical analyst status by obtaining MSTA and CFTE.  Dr Yussra is a member of several organizations. This include Associate Fellow of American College of Surgeons, Member of Malaysia Medical Association Professional member Malaysia Association of Technical Analyst (MATA), Full member of Society of Technical Analyst UK, Member of International Federation of Technical Analyst, Associate member Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment UK (CISI).


Presentation: Chartering the global markets  in 2023 through spectral & Hurst cycle perspective

Timing and projecting the markets is an art that can be done by forecasting the turning points through spectral and Hurst cycle methodology. In a volatile environment it will benefit analyst and traders to have some insight to anticipate forward the peak and bottom of any instruments. However, it is also important to know how statistically significant and reliable the cycle. Therefore, in this presentation we will re-explore the principle and a glimpse of the immediate future on the global market through cycle analysis.



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