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Newcastle Chapter, Sat, 10 Mar 2018 at 10:00 am

Newcastle Chapter
Sat, 10 Mar 2018 10:00 AM
Kahibah Sports Club - 63 Kenibea Ave, Kahibah NSW 2290
Stephen Blacktop: +614 1041 3972, Peter Thornton: +614 1115 5745

Members: Free

Visitors: First meeting free; subsequent meetings $40

10:00 am: Welcome and announcements – Dennis O’Flynn

10:10 am Where are we now? – Dennis O’Flynn

Dennis will give an overview of Australian and international indices, selected commodities and ASX sectors.

10:30 am: Options Time - Meet the families - Peter Thornton

10:50 am: Newcastle $100K Portfolio

11:00 am: Coffee time and networking

11:30 am: Adrian Reid

Topic: Going live with a new trading system - how to move from backtesting to live trading with confidence.

  • Key things in backtesting to build confidence
  • Important (but uncommon) tests to understand how the system could perform in initial months
  • The psychological differences between backtesting and live trading
  • Two different methods of starting up your trading system and the pros and cons of each


Adrian is a full-time private trader, as well as the founder and Trading Coach at

Enlightened Stock Trading (,

which is dedicated to educating and supporting traders on their journey to profitable systems trading.

Adrian started regularly trading stocks around 15 years ago with just $7500, having been interested in the stock market ever

since playing the ASX Sharemarket Game as a child with his family. He now trades stocks privately for his own family account

using a portfolio of medium- to long-term mechanical trading systems.

He trades both long and short across Australian and international stock markets. Adrian's trading systems have consistently

outperformed international share markets with dramatically-reduced risk over the past ten years.

Adrian left the corporate world in 2012 after making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year managing his trading systems.

This was in stark contrast to the 12-15 hours a day he was spending on his corporate job while earning less money!

Adrian’s systematic approach to stock trading generates both income and wealth creation, which allows him to spend

most of his time with his wife, Stephanie, and three children.

Educating traders is a passion, Adrian having been infuriated by the scams and misinformation in the trading industry.

Adrian started Enlightened Stock Trading to educate traders in the principles of profitable independent trading.

Adrian is focused on empowering stock traders, teaching you to be independently successful rather than relying on

him for advice – unlike most educators.

Through Enlightened Stock Trading, Adrian’s goal is to help you achieve financial freedom and your ideal lifestyle

sooner by building your own unique trading system which suits your objectives, personality and ideal lifestyle.

Adrian is the creator of the ‘Enlightened Stock Trader Certification Program’ which transforms novice traders

into accomplished systematic stock traders in just 4 months. He achieves this by

          ·       teaching you the language of stock trading and trading systems

          ·       helping you discover your unique trading personality with his T6 Trader Profile

           ·      sharing his unique process for developing profitable trading systems

          ·       showing you how to manage your risk and portfolio to meet your objectives

           ·      helping you to develop your own professional trading plan.

Connect with Adrian to learn more:






1:00 pm Lunch in Etna Restaurant (optional)

2:00 pm: Adrian Reid continues

3:00 pm: Meeting concludes

Next Meeting Date:  Sat, 14 Apr 2018

Next Meeting Venue: Kahibah Sports Club - 63 Kenibea Ave, Kahibah NSW

Next Meeting Speakers:  Peter Mathers

Next Meeting Normally Held:  Generally the Second Saturday of each Month



All Dates

  • Sat, 10 Mar 2018 10:00 AM

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