The Australian Technical Analysts Association (ATAA) is a not-for-profit association that has the primary aim of promoting the correct use of technical analysis. Membership consists of both professional technical analysts and private individuals who use technical analysis to assist with decisions related to trading and investing in the financial markets. The focus of the Association is the provision of education to enable members to be more effective traders and investors. In addition to this, the ATAA also aims to:

  • establish personal contacts between analysts both inside and outside Australia with a view to promoting the theory and practice of technical analysis
  • help raise the level of community awareness and respect for technical analysis
  • provide meetings and encourage the interchange of materials, ideas and information in order to add to the knowledge of members
  • encourage the highest professional ethics and competence among technical analysts.

The ATAA was founded by a small group of technical analysts which met in Sydney on a regular basis. The formal formation and then some additional formation activities took place on:

  • 26 April 1990: The ATAA was formed and the first office bearers were Charles Alexiou (President), Dawn Bolton-Smith (Vice President), Greg Surman (Treasurer), Steven Mutch (Secretary), Jack Krivoshow, Laurence Hardy, Ivan Krastins (Public Relations).
  • 21 August 1990: The ATAA was first incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 1984 (NSW). The subscribers to the registration were Merril Armstrong (deceased), David Hunt (Member No 43), Colin Nicholson (Member No 35) Roger Morris, Roger Lawes, and Anthony Reeves.
  • 20 October 1995: The ATAA was registered under the Corporations Law of NSW as a company limited by guarantee, licensed to omit 'Limited' from the name and with the ACN 071 513 203.
  • The ATAA is now a not-for-profit association incorporated as a company under the Australian Corporations Act.

From its beginnings in Sydney, the ATAA spread nationally to Melbourne in 1994, Brisbane 1995, Newcastle 1995, Adelaide 1996, Perth 1996, Canberra 1998, Toowoomba 1997, Sunshine Coast 2004 and Gold Coast in 2015.

Until 2003, the Directors of the ATAA were almost all totally drawn from the Sydney area; however, since the 2003 AGM, a broad range of directors has been elected, representing the truly national character of the ATAA.

Membership is varied in employment, geography, market interest and approach to the markets. Current members include corporate treasurers, fund managers, mid-level managers, bank analysts, professional traders, stockbrokers, educators, financial planners, private traders and investors.

The ATAA is affiliated with the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA), which helps members keep abreast of international markets and techniques. All ATAA members have the status of colleagues of IFTA and are entitled to attend the annual IFTA conference at reduced rates. ATAA members are also eligible to enrol in IFTA's education program, which provides two internationally recognised qualifications in technical analysis.

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