Stone, Gary

Gary Stone has a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics and is the Managing Director of Share Wealth Systems. He started his investing career in the stock market in 1989 when he first became interested in technical and fundamental analysis of stocks. He combined two of his main business interests, computing and the stock market, to establish a business in 1994 that provides active investing solutions and services to everyday investors.Using technical analysis, Gary has researched and designed three active investment mechanical methodologies that are commercially available to everyday investors. Gary uses these methodologies to invest and continues to do ongoing technical analysis research.His business has also developed their own commercially available mid-range technical analysis software called Beyond Charts.Since 2008 Gary has continued to appear regularly on Sky Business television finance programs and since 1999 has presented at many Expo’s and trade shows and regularly at Australian Technical Analysis Association (ATAA) meetings around Australia including three Annual ATAA Conferences the most recent of which was in 2014.Gary will publish his first book in July 2016 titled: “Blueprint to Wealth: Financial Freedom in 15 Minutes a Week. Tested Strategies to Fix your Nest Egg.”

Off-shore investing in the US is becoming more and more mainstream for Australian investors with more local brokers offering platforms and many US domiciled brokers commission-free.  There are so many big-named US stocks that it is easy to get star-struck and stunned into inaction, not knowing where to start. Many of the US mid-cap stocks and even the odd small-cap have larger market caps than stocks in the bottom end of the ASX100 index.  Then there are the logistics of choosing a broker, tax, overcoming the time differences. And this is before you get to your investment strategy and analysis!

In this session Gary will cover all this and more, including the large-cap investment strategy that he uses to manage risk and outperform the S&P500 Total Return index.

Gary will cover the ONLY 4 variables - The Rule of Returns - that determine how big your Nest Egg will be when you retire and why the odds are high that it will not be enough.

This is a PROFOUND ?WHY? to become a consistently successful self-directed investor, which few investors actually take the time to work out.

Then he will cover the main ingredients and provide some insightful ideas needed to become a Consistently Successful Self-directed Investor demonstrating real money equity curves as evidence of long-term self-directed investing success.

Melbourne Quant One Day Seminar: Gary will demonstrate how some well-known technical indicators can be used in a quantitative manner to time entries and exits on a longer term timeframe. He'll show how this can be especially useful when trading ETFs, indexes and large cap stocks in Australia and the USA, particularly when coupled with leverage to boost returns when the market is trending.

In this presentation, Gary will cover the following topics,

  • The technical analysis techniques he has used for 17 years to open and close equities positions.
  • The criteria he uses for adjusting his overall exposure to the equities markets.
  • How he determines how much capital to place on individual trades.
  • The performance of his trading approach, including individual portfolio trading performance and historical portfolio simulation performance.
  • He will cover these points for trading the ASX and the NASDAQ.

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Gary draws on his twenty-year research and trading experiences with mechanical systems to present specific technical analysis techniques that best suit the time poor DIY investor that wants to outperform the market and the mainstream investing avenue of mutual funds, for many years to come. The outcomes of his research and the practical use of these technical analysis techniques as profitable timing tools are discussed. With emphasis on profit through practical process rather than through theoretical perfection. Based on his research and ensuing trading outcomes, Gary will summarize which techniques are better suited to different investing timeframes and personalities, given that 91% of everyday people in the United States invest for retirement, making this DIY investing journey a decades long pursuit, not a jaunt that lasts just a few months to a year or two.

Too often too much emphasis is placed on trade entry. However, thinking at the portfolio level, not just the trade level, bears more fruit for the seasoned trader. With solid portfolio management principles in place the trader need not be afraid of what the market may do. Protecting the downside, increases the upside. This is achieved mostly through trade exit strategies, assessing systematic risk and position sizing according to assessed trade risk. Actual and simulated portfolio equity curves will be used to demonstrate the concepts discussed.

Although trading on leverage can be good for investors, too many traders get burnt with too high a level of leverage. Learn how to manage a portfolio at the level of leverage with which you are comfortable through a combination of CFDs and equities.

In this presentation, Gary will share the tactics and strategies he believes are necessary to bring out the best in each trader and investor. These include knowing the characteristics of the trades produced by your trading approach; whether you can reduce the drawdown at the end of a trade and increase your win rate by letting trades go; ensuring you have flexible money management models for your trading approach; and finally bringing it all together.