We are pleased to announce the availability of the ATAA Home Study Course. This course is based on the syllabus of the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA) CFTe qualification. Please see the IFTA website for more information at this link: IFTA Certifications.

The CFTe examination is a two part examination, with part one being multiple choice and part two being a written paper. Details of these examinations, including mock questions, can be seen on the IFTA website.

The ATAA has partnered with the UK Society of Technical Analysts who developed this world-class e-learning tool which is the best product on the technical analysis market. It has been developed by a number of authors, each expert in their field. For information on the authors go to this link (Authors - Home Study Course). The material comprises fifteen units, with each unit being introduced with a video. These videos themselves can be viewed on this link (Unit Introduction Videos). The course material is text based with graphics, some of which are dynamic. There are over 500 pages in the course.
Although website based, it is fully downloadable and may be used online or offline by PC, Mac, iPad or Android machines.

The cost of the course is $1,995 and can be purchased by going to this link (Payment, Course Delivery). Registration is required, which opens up the security on the material.

If you have any questions, please contact the ATAA at