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Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are formed by ATAA members to focus on particular tradin/investing methods.  Typically as ATAA members become more skilled their interests narrow to a particular methods.  The SIGs allow members to form a group that will explore these methods in depth.

Convenor: Alan Clement ()

The Melbourne Quantitative Traders are a "Special Interest Group" (SIG) formed from the Melbourne Chapter of the ATAA. The group has been meeting monthly since September 2008 in Hawthorn East. The group is open to any interested member of the ATAA. The obective of the group is to explore "Quantitative Methods" in Technical Analysis. These methods include advanced mathematics, statistics, computer programming and Machine Learning. The group focuses on discussion between members and reviews of the published work of authors who specialise in this rapidly developing subset of Technical Analysis. Group projects are initiated and SIG members present their systems for comment and review. If you are a member of the ATAA and would like to attend, come along to a meeting, details are listed in "Events > Next Meetings".

Ony ATAA members may download any linked files. 

ATAA Members may discuss meeting topics and issues in the Forum at: MEL Quant Trader SIG 

Webinar SIG Meetings during the COVID-19 restrictions

During this period of COVID-19 restrictions, our Sydney TA Chat Special Interest Group (SIG) will continue to hold webinar style meetings, usually on the first Saturday, monthly, at 10.00 am (Australian Eastern Standard Time.)

Our webinar meetings run for approximately two hours and a typical agenda will be:

  • Major Market Overview (US, Commodities, Australia) by Mary McNamara
  • Two of my recent trades fully explained (FX Pairs) by James Ings
  • Pete’s Share Picking Competition (ASX Share Competition) by Peter Aubourg
  • Ticker Talk (Members nominating ASX shares, we display the chart and do a group analysis)

Our SIG is designed around our members helping other members with the sharing of Technical Analysis information and experiences. We encourage audience participation at our webinar meetings, and we believe there is considerable educational value in listening to how other members go through their thought process with their trading decisions and how they manage their trades.

Understanding how other members approach their trading may encourage you to consider different technical approaches to improve your own trading results?

When we do our Ticker Talk (Chart Analysis) segment, this is a good opportunity to test your own skills to see if you would have made the same chart interpretations, as our panel?

We are encouraged and appreciate the support from members all over Australia, who have joined our webinar meetings.

Bruce Wood

SIG Leader

For details of the next meetings go to: Next Meetings - SYD Tech Analysis Chat SIG

Only ATAA members may download any linked files.

ATAA Members may discuss meeting topics and issues in the Forum at: SYD Technical Analysis Chat SIG 

Convenor: Darryl Nagel ()

About the ATAA MetaStock SIG

MetaStock has been providing award-winning charting and analysis tools for the self-directed trader for over 30 years. Capitalizing on technical analysis, our line of trading software and market data are designed for active traders of all levels so they can backtest, scan and analyze the markets with confidence.

The MetaStock SIG will be conducted as follows:

  1. The SIG will have monthly webinars for the benefit of all ATAA members. 
  2. The MetaStock SIG forum has been established for the exchante of ideas, coding, and other MetaStock related information.

Darry Nagel
(ATAA MetaStock SIG leader)

Convenor: Robert Brain ()

About the ATAA BullCharts SIG

BullCharts is a popular technical analysis and charting system, developed in Australia more than 20 years ago, and proudly supported out of the Sydney BullCharts office. The Australian BullCharts User Group has been running since 2006 (with monthly meetings in Melbourne), and there is a growing number of ATAA members around Australia now using BullCharts. So it is timely to introduce an ATAA Special Interest Group that can focus on the tools, capabilities and usage of BullCharts.

The objectives of the ATAA BullCharts SIG are:

  1. To encourage ATAA members to learn more about technical analysis and charting using computer-based charting software applications.
  2. To encourage the ongoing discussion of technical analysis knowledge and usage, and the issues of trading using the software for the mutual benefit of all SIG members.
  3. To facilitate the ongoing development of knowledge and expertise of the SIG participants regarding the various methods and techniques for applying technical analysis and trading in the markets, and in particular regarding the BullCharts software and its usage.

In Melbourne, the BullCharts SIG meets in the 1-hour networking period on the night of the monthly Melbourne chapter meeting. BullCharts users in other locations are encouraged to do likewise on their own chapter meeting night (assistance can be provided).

Robert Brain
(ATAA BullCharts SIG leader)