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Richard Holden, B.Ec UNE

  • ATAA member since March 1993
  • Board member since Oct 2013
  • Sydney Chapter member
  • Phone : +614 1799 6936

Richard has spent 30 years in professional investing and trading. From 1985 to 1999, Richard worked for Citibank Australia in their Treasury. Experience gained during these years was in treasury management, risk management and money markets. The specific products traded were Futures, Bank Bills, Interest Rate Swaps, Bonds and Foreign Exchange. In September 1999, Richard established, in partnership, the Fund Bluelake Partners. This is a private fund that engages specialist traders in Australian Equities, Algorithm Models, Foreign Exchange, Charting, Equity Takeovers and Arbitrage. At University, Richard studied Agricultural Economics and looks forward to incorporating some agricultural markets into his trading world.