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Dr. Igor Vasiliev is a full time stock market investor. His favourite approach to the stock market is a combination of value investing and option trading. In addition to a vast trading experience, Igor has a unique set of qualifications. In 1996 he graduated as a medical doctor – psychiatrist. He didn’t spend much time working as a doctor, as he started his own wholesale company and fully devoted himself to his business. But the knowledge and understanding of the human mind and psychology still helps him to understand the madness of Mr. Market and make logical decisions when many traders let their emotions dictate to them what to do.

In 2000 Igor moved to Ireland where he spent 11 years. He obtained his second qualification there - Executive Master in Business Administration. This business degree enables Igor to better understand companies’ activities and make fewer mistakes when he buys shares. Then he started another company and established several furniture showrooms in the west of Ireland. During those times he started his stock market trading career. After arriving in Sydney in 2011 he obtained his next qualification in Finance & Accountancy enhancing his ability to analyse businesses, which is very important when you are looking to invest in the best businesses at that are undervalued.

Pros and Cons of Selling Naked Puts

Posted: 9 October, 2017 Subjects: Options
Source: P2017 SYD Available to: Members

Selling naked puts is a very popular option strategy which can be used by either a conservative investor or an aggressive trader. This strategy can create a steady stream of cash flow when it is properly implemented. But if you use it in a wrong way it can lead you to disaster. That is why it is very important to learn it in details before you implement it in practice.

So, please attend this event to discover all aspects of selling naked puts.

What we will cover during this presentation:

  • When and why we use this strategy.
  • How we choose an underlying stock for this strategy.
  • How we choose a correct duration of an option contract.
  • How we choose a proper strike price according to your risk tolerance.
  • What returns can we expect from using this strategy.

Risks and limitations of this strategy and how to reduce them.