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Robert Grigg is a full time trader and trading systems developer.  His earlier career was in the oil industry and then in corporate consulting.  Over the years he worked in information technology as a programmer, manager and strategic consultant.  At other times he was a management accountant.  He commenced trading in 1994 and gradually converted from fundamental and discretionary trading to fully mechanical systems.  He has utilised MetaStock, TradeSim, Wealthlab Developer and now AmiBroker as his main trading platforms.  He is a long term member of the ATAA in Melbourne and is the immediate past National ATAA President.

Introduction to the one day "Quant Seminar"

Posted: 28 August, 2016 Subjects: Quant_Analysis&Trading
Source: P2016 MEL Available to: Members

Melbourne Quant One Day Seminar: Robert will introduce the concept and principles behind System or Quant Trading.

The future of Technical Analysis perhaps?

Posted: 3 October, 2015 Subjects: Quant_Analysis&Trading
Source: P2015 IFTA Available to: Members

Presented at IFTA 2015 Tokyo. Where do quantitative methods fit in the technical analysis landscape?  Quantitative methods need facility with computing, computational processes, probability theory, statistics and machine learning.   In skilled hands, technical analysis and quantitative methods can build excellent trading systems. The quantitative process allows testing and establishing the risk and reward profile before commitment.  Ongoing checks can then track the “health” of a system so it can be “tuned” to the market over time. The process aims to use the “scientific method”, allowing evidence based decisions. Should we ignore its growing popularity?

Quantitative Trading What Why How

Posted: 1 November, 2013 Subjects: Quant_Analysis&Trading
Source: P2013 ADL Available to: Members

Quantitative methods used to construct trading systems use good technical analysis principles along with computers, computational processes, probability theory and statistics to develop and test trading systems before real money is risked. They then monitor the “health” of a system during use so it can be “tuned” to the market over time. The “scientific method” is adopted and applied. Systems designed with this approach are likely to be more successful. The principles discussed will help every trader. If you wish to make use of quantitative methods this will be a good introduction.

Trading In an SMSF

Posted: 1 August, 2013 Subjects: Quant_Analysis&Trading
Source: P2013 MEL Available to: Members

Robert and Nina have managed an SMSF for 20 years. This presentation will cover the journey; including managing the SMSF frameworks, the personal biases, learnings along the way and our current trading approaches. His talk will basically be about how to keep it simple, profitable and compliant.

Quantitative Trading-Systems

Posted: 1 October, 2010 Subjects: Quant_Analysis&Trading
Source: P2010 Available to: Members

Mechanical Systems

Posted: 1 March, 2009 Subjects: Quant_Analysis&Trading
Source: P2009 Available to: Members

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