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Peter Castle started trading in 1996 and traded part time while still in the car business. In 1999 he sold his business to pursue a full time career as a trader and professional investor. For a few years he invested in real estate via developments and commercial property, however through those years trading provided his main source of income. Since 2005 he has focused on trading and developing his skills and methods. Peter has traded options, warrants, commodities, currencies, CFDs and indices, but in recent years has traded mainly the ASX. In 2011 he formed Easy Share Trading Systems to provide a quality teaching service to the trading community.

A share Trading System

Posted: 1 January, 2014 Subjects: Chart_Patterns&Analysis Indicators
Source: P2014 SYD Available to: Members

Peter is passionate about developing Share Trading Systems for individuals. In mid-2012, he presented a trading system to the Sydney ATAA and will again disclose the rules of the method plus examine in detail some of the trades, answer questions, and discuss his thoughts on the market in general. In the first session of today’s talk Peter will review the results of that method. Peter will also focus on the psychological aspects of weekly trend trading plus introducing his experience of meditation and Buddhist/Zen philosophy and how it helps his trading.

Trend Trading the ASX

Posted: 1 July, 2013 Subjects: Trend_Following
Source: P2013 SYD Available to: Members

Do you ask…Where do I start…or… why is it so hard to trade? You are probably attempting to trade too often, and too short term! The methodology of trading is easy; we make it harder than it has to be. Life is about balance, so is trading. Learn to create a simple, low risk method by employing the principle “Less is more”. Weekly trend trading systems are by far the easiest, most profitable and low stress way of trading the market. In Peters presentation tonight he will build with you, step by step, a weekly trading system, give you all the rules to it, including specific rules of Entry, Exiting, and more importantly numbers like winning percentage, draw down (pull back), expected losers and winners in a row. All the things you really need know BEFORE you start trading, including the 2 golden rules …… Having a Methodology and Sticking to it!

Trend Following Systems

Posted: 1 October, 2012 Subjects: Trend_Following
Source: P2012 Available to: Members

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Trading the ASX

Posted: 1 September, 2012 Subjects: Trading _Strategies
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