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Jim Berg is a former broker, private trader and lecturer with over 20 years experience in the investment industry. He has appeared on Sky Business TV, CNBC Asia and Market Wrap and is a regular guest speaker at trading events across Australia. Jim is the author of Shares to Buy & When and his articles have been published in the ASX newsletter, Shares, Personal Investor, Your Trading Edge and Stocks and Commodities.

Trade and Invest With Weight of Evidence

Posted: 1 March, 2015 Subjects: Chart_Patterns&Analysis Indicators
Source: P2015 Available to: Members

Presentation abstract not currently available.

Trade with ‘Weight-of-Evidence’ to Put the Odds in Your Favour

Posted: 29 October, 2011 Subjects: Fundamental&Technical Volatility
Source: C2011 Available to: Members

In this presentation, Jim will show how by following a few simple steps, you can save time and improve the chance of success in the market. He will look at creating a watch list of companies to monitor; combining technical and fundamental analysis to know which companies to buy and when; recognising when a correction is complete; and finally, selling using the Berg Volatility indicators.

Using Volatility to Optimise Entries and Exits

Posted: 6 October, 2007 Subjects: Indicators Volatility Stop_Loss
Source: C2007 Available to: Members

Jim will detail the volatility indicators he uses for entries, trailing stops and profit taking opportunities.