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Daryl Guppy is the founder and Director of Pty Ltd. Daryl is a regular CNBCAsia Squawk Box technical analyst commentator often known as the “Chart Man”.   He actively trades equities and associated derivatives markets, including CFDs. He is the author of The 36 Strategies of the Chinese for Financial Traders, Trend Trading and seven other trading books. He has developed several leading technical indicators used by traders in stock, derivative and currency markets. Daryl is a regular contributor for financial magazines and media in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and the US, as well as giving regular presentations overseas. is an international financial market education and training organisation with offices in Darwin, Singapore and Beijing.

Breaking the Tyranny of Modern Markets

Posted: 22 October, 2016 Subjects: Markets&Behaviours
Source: C2016 IFTA Available to: Delegates 2016

Daryl will look at how markets are changing and how this will influne the effectiveness of Technicasl Analysis leading to changes in how Technical Analysis will also change and develop. He will looh at the issues of HFT, growth on ETFs Algo Trading and Liquidity concentration.. How will this effect traditional Chart Analysis? What impact will it have on trade execution? How will traders and Technical Analysis survive in these new market and technology conditions?

Impact of China Markets

Posted: 16 May, 2015 Subjects: Markets&Behaviours Chart_Patterns&Analysis
Source: C2015 Available to: Members

Direct trading on the 7 trillion dollar China market Shanghai Exchange is now possible and provides a way to get direct access to the Chinese companies that are the driving force behind many Australian projects. Learn the technical analysis trading and investment solutions. Examine the impact of this market opening on liquidity in the Australian market and the region. Fund managers and traders cannot afford to ignore this colossus. Guppy has been trading and working in this market for more than a decade. This is fertile ground for bull and bear bubbles with strongly divided opinions.

FX Trading for Equity Traders

Posted: 15 May, 2015 Subjects: Indicators Forex
Source: C2015 Available to: Delegates 2015

The FX market is the most liquid market in the world. The skills and analysis methods applied to the equity market have to be adjusted to survive trading the FX market. Guppy introduces the ANTSSYS trading method. This brings together 4 elements: RANGE BARS; SUPER GUPPY; RANGE ATR and the ANTS indicator signals. The combination is a conceptual breakthrough. The use of the ANTS entry and exit signals provides a practical application of the concept for FX, Index and Commodity trading. These methods reflect our understanding of these markets and the way we prefer to manage risk.

Cracking the China Markets with Technical Analysis

Posted: 13 October, 2012 Subjects: Markets&Behaviours Chart_Patterns&Analysis
Source: С2012 IFTA Available to: Members

The constrained flow of information makes China markets particularly compatible with Technical Analysis. China markets show some unique behaviours which call for a different mix of technical indicators and charting analysis techniques. Daryl examines what works, and what doesn’t work in this market. This includes effective application of pattern based trading. He examines volatility based trade management methods initially developed for the China market. These trade identification and management methods are also compatible with Western markets. The Hong Kong co-listed market for China stocks is a case study that confirms the primacy of Technical Analysis and reveals the role emotions play in price discovery independent of the fundamentals of a company in all markets. These markets provide proof that price is independent of fundamentals and is primarily emotionally based. Daryl shows how the application of technical analysis overcomes information deficiencies and improves trading returns in Greater China markets.

Behavioural Trading Solutions

Posted: 29 October, 2011 Subjects: Markets&Behaviours Trading _Strategies
Source: C2011 Available to: Members

Markets have changed behaviour after the Global Financial Crisis. The market is created by emotional behaviour, which in turn creates behaviour patterns in price activity. Behavioural analysis of the market moves beyond the simple tricks revealing peoples inability to make the best rational mathematical decision in artificial experiments. Daryl will explain that by developing a better understanding of the behavioural drivers of the market, you have a powerful tool to identify high probability trading opportunities.

Managing The new Trend Volatility

Posted: 24 October, 2009 Subjects: Volatility Trading _Strategies
Source: C2009 Available to: Members

The difference between price volatility and trend volatility is significant. Trend and price volatility were decoupled in the 2008 bear market. This discussion introduces a method of combining price momentum and analysis of trend volatility to better identify safe entry points and to manage developing trades in a volatile trading environment. Discover how the Guppy Multiple Moving Average is applied to short term and intraday trading in futures, derivatives, index trading and FX to give superior entry safety and better understanding of significant trend volatility. This is the first presentation of this method in Australia.