Zacharia, Zac

Zac Zacharia is the Founder and Director of Centra Wealth Group, a boutique financial services business providing investment management and financial education services through which he manages his client’s investments. He has also co-authored the popular investment book, Property vs Shares.

He has been a director of the ATAA previously and has personally been trading and investing using technical analysis as his primary tool since 1997, garnering experience and trading in virtually every type of tradeable security.

Zac is a passionate educator and has been sharing his knowledge with people since 2003, more recently through the educational part of his business, Centra Wealth Academy.

Did you know that only 35% of investment performance is from picking the right stocks?   You will find out what the other 65% is during this presentation. Zac Zacharia, Director of Investments at Centra Asset Management will share with you how he actively manages his clients’ investment portfolios using a combination of fundamental and technical analysis.   You will learn about the importance of asset allocation and get insights into what sectors do well during each stage of the economic cycle – and how this all comes together into an investing plan that you can use to manage your own portfolio during good and volatile times.

Zac will explain how he creates an “investible universe” of quality stocks with growth potential, how he applies market and stock timing techniques to know when is the right time to buy, and also when is the right time to sell.

After a volatile start to the new decade, 2022 could either continue the momentum of the Covid recovery, or bring with it new challenges for investment. Zac, Director of Investments at Centra Asset Management will share his views on the key issues facing markets in 2022, what sectors present risks and opportunities exist for investors this year, adjustments to asset allocations, as well as a strategy for how prudent investors should handle investing in uncertain markets.

In the second half of the presentation, Zac will show you in REAL TIME how he analyses and trades forex and crypto markets. You will learn how to find high probability trade setups and how to control your risk with position sizing as well as how to manage your trade through to the end.