Sydney TA Chat Special Interest Group Meeting primary meeting focus: 

  • Chart Analysis
  • Rules Based Trading Systems

Sydney TA Chat Special Interest Group Meeting Objectives 
This will be a workshop based meeting, and our SIG has the following objectives:

  • The interactive sharing of ideas.
  • To encourage dialogue between members
  • Inclusive of all present.
  • Offering a member focused agenda.
  • We want our meetings to have a relaxed and informal atmosphere.



7.15 – 7.30 pm:     Webinar will open
7.30 – 7.45 pm:    Welcome and announcements – Bruce Wood
7.45 – 8.10 pm:    Major Market overview – Mary McNamara 
8.10 – 8.50 pm:   FX Trading – my experiences with a recent trade – James Ings
                             Trading Repeating Ranges – Darryl Nagel
8.50 – 9.30 pm:  Ticker Talk (Chart analysis)
9.30 pm:              Closing comments.
James Ings will share his experiences with a recent FX pair trade.
Darryl Nagel will give a presentation on "Trading repeating ranges". This concept caught Darryl’s attention many years ago from a broker he used at the time, and also reminded him of some of WD Gann’s teachings. Darryl has customized his formulas and uses his Metastock chart analysis software to assist in identifying these repeating trading ranges. In this presentation, Darryl will not use Metastock, however will show how this approach applies to trading the futures contract of the ASX SPI.