Weston, Chris

Chris, Chief Market Strategist, joined IG in 2006, having previously held trading roles at Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse and Merrill Lynch within the forex, equity and fixed income markets. His 14 years experience in financial markets led him to the Institutional Trading desk and now to head up the research team, where he now provides insight and analysis to Sky News Business Channel, CNBC.

In a world of ?beggar thy neighbour?, the much-hyped unofficial race to debase is pushing not just currencies about, but is having a firm impact on other asset classes as well, with many global indices trading as a derivate of the forex market. In this presentation Chris Weston will examine how policy both on a fiscal, and subsequently a monetary, level is pushing flows around the forex markets, culminating in a weaker currency. Find out who has the most aggressive policy, how the market is currently set-up and how positioning may impact price action over the short to medium term. Ultimately, while longer-term forecasting is extremely unreliable, learn Chris?s thoughts on who could come out trumps in the so-called currency war.