Watkins, Frank

Frank Watkins first traded the Australian stock market during the “Poseidon Boom” in 1969 and has been educating private investors since 1986.  He has managed “night desks” with direct access to the trading floor of various international exchanges.  Frank has had an involvement in software development since 1984 and has operated his own successful commodity broking firm. Frank is the CEO of Pro Trader Pty Ltd which was the first software to successfully incorporate Darvas scanning capabilities.  His book “Exploding the Myths” has sold over 9,000 copies. Frank is a great believer in “keep it simple”. He is also a great advocate of technical analysis and believes that timing the market is imperative rather than time in the market.

In this presentation Frank will cover many of the issues and problems that people first encounter when entering the market.

  • What is the real difference between fundamental and technical analysis?
  • What are the vital components of a profitable trading plan?
  • Perfecting your entry.
  • Pattern recognition.
  • Active Portfolio Management.

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Presentation abstract not available. (We need to prepare one from the actual document.)

Frank has always had a strong interest in trading the very cheap end of the market. Over the years he has developed a sound trading plan for taking advantage of sudden price movement in these stocks. In this session Frank will share his plan, complete with entry signals, risk management strategies and exit signals. Frank?s ?5 Day Trade? method can be very simply adapted to CFD trades on higher priced stocks. Understanding the psychology and the volume characteristics behind these speculative stocks is the key  to unlocking enormous profitability.