Multiple Contributors involved. These Panel Discussions are typically conducted at Conferences. These contributions are best accessed via tha Accession listings.  

Power Hour Team by AATI – 2020 IFTA Conference 

  1. Muhammad Alfatih: “Tweaking Indicators:  to enhance its performance”
  2. Soeratman Doerachman: “The Musketeers Meet Samurai:Combining easy western and eastern indicators”
  3. Linda Lee: “Intraday Technique: Price Cluster Analysis”
  4. Hendra Martono Liem: “Multiple Time Frame Trend and Volume Analysis”
  5. Angelo Michel & Aria Santoso: “Market Volume Analysis to Locate Demand Power & Selling Pressure”
  6. Indrawijaya Rangkuti: “Market Mood: Place & Time Synchronized”

Howard Bandy, Mohad El Saiid, Tevor Neal, Tim Rea and Gary Stone discuss questions posed from the audience.

Dan Gramza, Linda Raschke,Cam Mitchell,  Kris Longmore and Kevin Saunders discuss questions posed from the audience.

Panel discussion with Jay Gragnani, Chris Weston, Rudi Filapeck-Vandyck and Manish Patel answering questions posed by the conference delegates.

Sudashan Sukhani, James Isilay, John Bollinger, Trevor Neil, Daryl Guppy discuss questions raised by the audience and from a survey prior to the Conference.

Panel discussion with David Chia, Prof Hank Pruden, Dr Brett Steenbarger and Gary Stone.

Panel discussion with Charles Browne, Todd Gordon and John Person.

Panel discussion with Jake Bernstein, Daryl Guppy, Dave Landry and John Netto.

Panel discussion with John Carter, Davin Clarke and Dan Gramza.

Follow a realistic trade as a panel of experts walk through the day-by-day decisions regarding trade entry, stop loss, position size, trailing stop, and eventual trade exit. Who will realise the most profit?