Unger, Andrea

Andrea Unger was born in Tuttlingen, Germany in 1966. He graduated cum laude in Mechanical Engineering in 1990 and became a member of MENSA. In 2001 Andrea became an independent trader and focused on the development of trading Systems. In 2005 he won the TopTraderCup in the futures division with a return above 60% in 3 months. In the same year he won the monthly race of the Tcup organized by the Italian broker IwBank, with a return above 50% in one month. These two results led him to become an honorary member of the “National Investment Consultant Organization” and he also graduated “honoris causa” in “Portfolio Management and Asset Allocation”.

Markets have been changing over the years particularly with the introduction of algorithmic methods. The changes are not even, there are major differences in behaviors between individual markets. We will take a look into the evolution of Algorithmic Trading to show how well known Technical Analysis concepts have reacted to these new forces driving price behavior. Traders with a proper mindset, ready to face changes, and with required skills may choose to approach the markets using automated algorithmic tools. Can traditional Technical Analysis find its place in this continuous improvement? Can we code basic concepts to take advantage of the speed and multitasking capability of computers? These questions will be analyzed as well as the areas where machines are still one step behind human beings. We will look at the different types of algorithmic trading to identify where we might place ourselves. We will also show how to evaluate the effectiveness of our scripts so as to build realistic expectations before ?going live?.