Treacy, Eoin

Eoin Treacy is a career analyst, writer, strategist, commentator and lecturer. Following a degree in Philosophy from Trinity College Dublin, where he first came into contact with crowd psychology, propositional and modal logic, Eoin’s thirst for an intellectual challenge took him to Bloomberg where he joined the Benelux Sales team. He spent nearly four years managing a $10 million dollar account, gaining expertise in every aspect of the Bloomberg system, teaching seminars across Europe and furthering his study of market psychology and technical analysis. On joining the Dutch sales team in 2003, Eoin attended a seminar taught by David Fuller showcasing his approach to market analysis and was inspired by what he learned. He soon joined the Fullermoney Global Strategy Service, to work with David Fuller and specialize in the service’s unique approach to research - combining technical, fundamental and behavioral factors - covering global stock markets, government bonds, currencies and commodities.

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