Tam, Fred

Fred Tam is a gold, silver, forex, stock indices and stocks trader, analyst and columnist for 20 years and is the author of six books on the financial markets. He is also the principal lecturer of the Certificate in Financial Technical Analysis course at Open University Malaysia since 2007. His students take the MSTA (UK) and CFTe (IFTA) exams and passes have been impressive. Fred is a full member of the Society of Technical Analysts, UK, a Certified Financial Technician and has a Master of Financial Technical Analysis from IFTA.  

One issue faced by traders is inaccurate entries and exits and one likely cause is because the trader is looking at a single time frame chart. This presentation demonstrates how accuracy can be increased by filtering out noise using ?multiple time frames? charts. It also shows that when MTF is applied, most indicators work; some better than others. The ?MTF Atom? indicator has been created and it demonstrate its usefulness using Meta Trader 4.0. MTF is a method that can be applied to trade not only gold, silver, crude oil, forex, stock indices, stock, etc. MTF Atom is a mechanical trading system that trades on breakouts and stays aside in sideways markets. Mechanical system trading is likely to be the trend of this decade, set to overshadow subjective techniques like chart patterns analysis, candlesticks, etc. We see technical analysis evolving rapidly to be become more of a science than an art.