Steenbarger, Brett

Brett Steenbarger, Ph.D. is Teaching Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY. He works as a performance coach for hedge funds, proprietary trading firms, and other financial organizations.

Brett is the author of the TraderFeed blog and numerous books on trading psychology. He also authors a bimonthly column for Forbes online. Brett's interests include his five children, six grandchildren, and four rescue cats; travel with Margie, his wife of 37 years; and the trading of stock index futures and ETFs. He is currently working on an online skills-based course in trading psychology.

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During this session Brett will outline the common psychological patterns that interfere with trading performance, and how traders can develop goals for self improvement based on trading performance and personality traits.

This interactive session will focus on the role of psychology in performance based fields such as trading. It will include a self assessment to enable traders to understand and use their coping styles.

Dr Steenbarger will begin the session with an overview of common elements in trading success that he has observed across various markets and settings, as well as an overview of the most common challenges that traders face and the specific psychological techniques that are most effective for these problems. The remainder of the session will focus on applying these ideas to the actual problems faced by traders, as participants bring their toughest questions and challenges and ?ask the doc? for coaching assistance.

This presentation will draw upon Dr Steenbarger?s recent work in proprietary trading group, hedge fund, and investment bank settings to show how traders can improve their performance by breaking trading down into component elements and developing best-practice strategies for each element. Specific examples will be used, so that participants will come away with concrete ideas to apply to their own trading practice.