About this meeting:

The Forex market is the largest traded market on the planet and the FX traders SIG is designed to support both beginners and experienced FX traders in development of their trading of this instrument. Although the context is trading the FX market, the principles covered, as with many sessions we run, have relevance for those trading ALL instruments.

As FX markets are open during the SIG session times we will include a LIVE market update where we be exploring in Real time potential sentiment changes and trade set ups

Join Mike Smith, Head of Client Education and Training at GO Markets (www.gomarkets.com) and CEO of Trader IQ (www.traderiq.com) for this innovative, practically orientated session.

In this invaluable webinar we address the common scenario particular in FX when multiple plan-meeting signals occur across pairs (This also of course is an issue for those trading other or simultaneous trading instruments).

We will explore FIVE key questions you can ask that may offer some guidance and assist in YOUR decision about which may be the best signal to take.

As always if we gain clarity on this as a process, there is the potential to integrate this within our trading plan and evaluate through measurement to refine further to fit you as an individual trader.

The agenda for this meeting will be as follows:
• Introduction and welcome
• LIVE FX Market update – What’s moving NOW
• Your 5 key questions in choosing between multiple signal opportunities.
• Future meeting topics