Shea, Chris

Chris had been trading for over 30 years and has over 10 years experience as a coach and private trader. Since 2000 Chris has worked as a trading coach for both institutional and private clients. Chris has worked with hundreds of prospective and successful traders; he knows what it takes.  

His professional focus is on the psychological requirements that integrates durable technical analysis for consistent trading success. He has developed strategies for traders to eliminate counterproductive behaviours and enhance desirable qualities that ensure consistent trading success.

He is the author of Licensed to Profit by Trading in Financial Markets (Wright Books) and is a contributor to “The Wiley Trading Guide, volume 2” (Wiley and sons) as well as “Your Trading Edge” magazine. Chris holds a B Ed, MSc and a Diploma of Professional Counselling.

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In this interactive session Chris will outline the technical analysis implications for probability-based trading:

  • How does technical analysis assist with a trader’s decisions of when to buy, sell, hold, add and take profits?;
  • The strengths and limitations of technical analysis;
  • The interactive component will look at a probability experiment including an analysis of 50 trades in a ‘game’ format.

In addition, Chris will review some of the conscious and more importantly sub-conscious factors that can spoil or enhance effective technical decisions and good trading profits.

In this session Chris will outline the probability based Escalator Strategy that has been used by Chris and his clients to achieve Hit Rates of up to 70% and an Edge Ratio around 7. The approach is used by different members of his team in time frames that range from 10 to 60 seconds through to weekly/ monthly. The inherent technical parameters indicating the start and end an Escalator will be reviewed. The benefits and short comings of Escalator trading will be discussed. But importantly Chris will outline the psychological demand required to apply the Escalator Strategy successfully.

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