Richards, Jay

Jay Richardss trading experience began over 20 years ago at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange working as an arbitrage dealer in the gold and foreign currency trading pits before he was recruited by Ord Minnett Futures as a market specialist onto the trading floor of the Sydney Futures Exchange. He returned to Chicago in 1991 where he managed a grain desk at the Chicago Board of Trade and later became an independent local playing a key role in the launch of the swaps futures contract. In 1996 he returned to Australia with ANZ Futures as an institutional advisor servicing ANZ Treasury, Bankers Trust and other financial institutions. Since then he has refined his skills as a spread trader and educator. Jay is the registered trading adviser to the Aliom Just Spreads MDA (investment product). He is active presenting seminars and contributes articles in various trading journals such Your Trading Edge, AHA Investor and FN Arena.

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