Reid, Adrian

Adrian Reid is a full time private trader, as well as the Founder and Trading Coach at Enlightened Stock Trading.

Adrian started regularly trading stocks over 18 years ago with just $7500 having been interested in the stock market ever since playing the "Stock Market Game" as a child with his family. For the last 15 years he has traded stocks for his family account using a portfolio of mechanical trading systems. He trades long / short across Australian and international stock markets.

Adrian started Enlightened Stock Trading to educate traders in the principles of profitable independent trading through the development of their own personalized portfolio of trading systems. Adrian is focused on empowering stock traders – teaching you to be independently successful rather than relying on him (or anyone else) for advice, tips and guidance.

Adrian writes regularly for Your Trading Edge magazine on the topic of trading systems and back-testing. He has appeared on the Better System Trader podcast (Ep 147) and the Talking Trading podcast.

During this session Adrian will discuss how to survive and thrive trading during a bear market without letting your emotions or market volatility hurt your account. During this interactive session the following will be covered:

  • Bear market threats to your survival
  • Risk management for bear markets
  • How to think about capital allocation
  • Trading systems / Strategies that work in bear markets
  • Which types of diversification can improve your results in a bear market

Optimization one of the most misunderstood and abused tools in your trading toolkit.

The trouble is that the industry, literature and software are all set up to encourage poor optimization technique resulting in problems like:

  1. Systems that look great in backtesting but fail in real time trading
  2. Deeper than expected drawdowns
  3. Lower than expected profits (or even losses)
  4. The need for frequent reoptimization

BUT when you avoid the pitfalls of optimization you can instead create stable and robust trading systems that maintain profitability long into the future.

In this presentation Adrian will discuss the most critical optimization pitfalls which lead to trading disasters AND give you the understanding you need to instead create robust, stable and profitable trading systems.