"Tim Rea won first place in the World Cup Trading Championship in 2011 and placed third in 2010, both with triple digit returns. Tim is a full time trader from New Zealand with well over a decade of real life experience in the markets. He has been a US registered Commodity Trading Advisor, Systems Vendor and majority shareholder in a US based brokerage firm, however shed those roles in the last couple of years to focus on system development and trading solely for his proprietary accounts where he uses a portfolio of about one hundred systems utilizing a wide range of methodologies and futures contracts. His focus is mainly on the short term and is trading more than 500 times round trip each month."

There is a lot more to trading well overall than just the methods you use. Tim will share what he sees as the most significant keys in his own trading. His personal trading has seen triple digit returns for each of the last few years and his perspective on some aspects of what he does in his own trading may be of interest even to very experienced traders.

While only taking mathematics to the end of High School and with no formal training in using computers Tim has still be able to amass an arsenal of trading systems using a wide range of methods and contracts that have worked well overall in his personal trading. Tim will explain some of the processes and approaches he takes when doing system development and implementation. Note: A video was not captured due to a technical fault, an audio recording is substituted.