Pring, Martin

Martin entered the financial markets in 1969 and has become an authority in the global investment community in the field of Technical Analysis. Demanded as a speaker worldwide, he is the author of several outstanding books, including Technical Analysis Explained, used by international technical societies and universities for training. His book, Investment Psychology Explained, is also required reading for a higher level CMT exam. Recognised by his peers as a technical leader and innovator, he was awarded the AJ Frost Memorial Award by the Canadian Technical Analysts Society in 2000, and in 2004 was honoured with the Market Technician’s Association (MTA) Annual Award.

In this presentation Martin will discuss numerous techniques that you can apply for more profitable trading, including correct stop placement and how to remain objective in your trading decisions.

In this presentation Martin will explain why the theory of Contrary Opinion has become so popular and yet so misunderstood! He also explains how this art can be profitably applied to the marketplace.